$5 Christmas slot challenges

All real series slots*
The object of the contest is to accrue the most amount of funds in $50 worth of wagering.
When (and if) the playthrough is met you are done. If you did not make playthrough, you don’t qualify for the contest.
Once you meet $50 wagering all funds will be removed from your account. The amount won/removed will be logged with us.
At end of the weekend the top 4 players, who accumulated the most funds within $50 of wagering, will receive a prize.

Position Prize
1st $50
2nd $30
3rd $20
4th $10

Redeem code: ETMF


$5 Slot Challenge

We are now running on of our famous Slot Challenges for Christmas!!

What we have for you is a great “Autumn Slots – $5 Challenge”. We hope you have fun participating in this slot contest.
This challenge will run from 10th December – 30th Dec.
Whats the deal:
To take part simply claim the following coupon to be entered into the tourney and the prize draw.
Enter tourney coupon: BETMF
You then have $5 in your account to take part in the challenge